Monday, January 17, 2011

Once upon a time...

...there was a little girl who was scolded by her grandparents for swinging on the chandelier and putting a cat down the laundry chute.  The girl was my mom :)  When she grew up, she had a little girl of her own.  This little girl loved to put pots and pans on her feet, tramping around "making music" on the kitchen floor.  She especially loved to "use the bathroom" at the homes of people her parents were visiting, and 5 minutes later appear wearing the hostesses makeup, drenched in her perfume, and even wearing her wig.  My grandma told my mother, "You are finally getting your just reward."

It's true.  I am my mother's daughter.  I acquired her energy, curiosity, and taste for travel.  As she once roamed the streets of Prague and Paris, I will now trek through the backroads of New Zealand and (body)surf the waves of Australia.

This is the blog of my 1st ever (and quite possibly the last) 6-week solo journey, and it just happens to be through the lovely lands of New Zealand and Australia.

I leave in 13 days.  All of the:

crazyyy adventures. please!
people. couchsurfing anybody? j/k haha :)
food. "today I started off with Ramen noodles and ended with a nice pb&j..."
laughs. always.
embarrassments. and I assure you there will be plenty.
scenery. pics will be posted often! if I can figure out how to work this mac...
sounds. btw Lew I'm bringing bean-O.
fears. what am I afraid of that I haven't discovered yet??
challenges. NO people, I did not buy a "short bus" pass, it's called the "Magic Bus", but thanks for asking.


will be documented here.  Enjoy :)

Bon Voyage!